Plant growing

Crop production is the main direction of the company «Agrotransport». The company's crop rotation is 5000 hectares of land located in the Drozhanovsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Shemurshinsky district of the Republic of Chuvashia.

The company specializes in growing winter and spring wheat, barley, and sunflower. The main crop rotation of the enterprise is winter wheat of the Scepter and Marathon varieties, spring wheat Simbircit, Raushan barley, sunflower NK Brio, pioneer, Kadiks, tutti, Kondi, Laskala, Roki and buckwheat dialog (ES). The company annually produces up to 7, 500 tons of grain and up to 3, 000 tons of sunflower seeds. The grown products are sold to interested parties.

The company «Agrotransport» uses innovative technical achievements in the field of agricultural development. All equipment is equipped with a remote control system. Thanks to this, you can optimize the performance of work on different sites online, increase the productivity and operational efficiency of machines by comparing parameters and optimizing settings, and get crop measurements using a quantimeter on combines (humidity, yield).

The company also uses a cloud-based satellite management system for management control, which allows you to accumulate information from satellites, mobile applications, GPS-navigators installed on all equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles, dispatchers, agronomists and weather stations. The obtained information makes it possible to monitor, analyze and plan agricultural operations and further crop rotation.


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